Creston was founded in 1884 on the Rancho Huerhuero Mexican land grant.  It is located approximately 10 miles east of the city of Atascadero and 13 miles east of Paso Robles.

Flat farmland to rolling ranchland, cattle ranches, horse ranches and vineyards line the main road into the smallest town in San Luis Obispo County.  The town has a post office, an elementary school, 2 cafes (both popular spots for all in the North County) and a small town library.  The population in the town of Creston is under 100 people…small town living at its finest!

Each September the town of Creston hosts the Creston Rodeo and cowboys and cowgirls alike compete for prizes and the pride of winning the local rodeo.  Numerous equine events throughout the day and the rodeo is open to the public.

The seasonal HuerHuero River  runs through the heart of this charming country town, oak trees dot the hills and countryside, vineyards in full bloom, blue skies with fluffly white clouds and the peace of small town living….what more could you want?